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A vacation in Austria: at first glance you might think it's just hiking and winter sports, or Viennese charm and Lake Wörthersee, or Wilder Kaiser mountain climbing and the sounds of waltz music. Well, that's all true... but there's a lot more besides!

Because holidays in Austria also include deep relaxation at one of the thermal spring pools, ecological tourism, oodles of art in one of two European cultural capitals, and culinary offerings ranging from robust and hearty snacks at a mountain hut all the way to the highest of haute cuisine. But wait! An essential part of a perfect vacation is a perfect host.

And that is what we have all over the country: people who lovingly fulfill their tasks of opening their arms to guests from every corner of the globe for the last 200 years. Of fulfilling their desires, their wishes and their needs even before guests become aware of them; of awakening new interests, offering new possibilities to discover and experience yourself anew. That is the aim of Austria's famously hospitable hosts.

Tradition and modernity

East and west. North and south. Since the days of the monarchy, diverse influences met at Europe's crossroads: here. A heritage that has borne fruit! It powers creative minds, draws artists and genius together: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven composed their masterpieces right here. Strauss and Lehar wrote unforgettable waltzes and operettas right here.

Austria was the birthplace of fin-de-siecle "secession" art, of psychoanalysis, of the twelve-tone scale. If you stroll through Vienna's Museum District today, or the old town of Innsbruck or Graz, or visit the Festival of Salzburg or Bregenz,  go to concerts in castle gardens, monastery cellars and convent churches, you will find out that the art and cultural scene may have started a long time ago, but it never stopped.

The plethora of cultural offerings, absolutely incomparable and spectacular nature, the historic legacy long past, dynamic epochs - all that went into the cauldron which forged today's Austrian lifestyle, where everything revolves around personal enjoyment and relaxation. As proof, we cite the endless list of truly fine restaurants and outstanding wines which enjoy a very high, internationally recognized ranking.

Then there's the Heurigen taverns, the huts, the bistros; wherever you turn, you will find locals who proudly tell you where the crispiest roast pork, the spiciest sausages and the fluffiest Kaiserschmarren (dessert omelette) can be found. Hospitality is in our bones, or phrased differently, is a matter of the heart. Vacation in Austria means arrive and come alive - regardless of the season, regardless if you head for mountains, villages, cities, the countryside or the lakeside.

Magnificent experiences can be collected everywhere, unparalleled moments which permit you to plumb deeper into yourself, discover and fulfill desires everyday life had almost convinced you didn't exist. All that goes into holidays in Austria, make them special and memorable a life long. And in the process, they will transform you.

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