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In the economical and cultural heart of Europe the people of Germany love nothing more than a celebration. Every season has a unique special event; the magical Christmas Markets, The Cologne Carnival, Oktoberfest Beer Festival, Berlinale and many other music events, theatre and operas.


With modern museums, hip clubs and an incomparable night life, Berlin is a much more than an attractive destination, especially for young people. Historically and culturally Berlin is also one of the premier destinations in Europe. The parliament, the remainder of the Wall that divided Germany into West and East or the Brandenburg Gate, everyone will find something to amaze in this impressive city.


Boasting the largest sea port in Germany and the third largest in Europe, this beautiful city at the River Elbe is also famous for sights such as the Miniature Wonderland or the waxworks "Panoptikum". The night life, too, meets all expectations. The red-light district St. Pauli with Reeperbahn (it's main street), is called the most sinful street in the world. Visit the legendary Star Club where the Beatles played or simply drift from club to club if you want to experience an unforgettable night out.


More than 6 million people make the pilgrimage every year to the 157 metre high Gothic Cologne Cathedral that is a centrepiece of this city on the River Rhine. The typical Cologne accent and the joie de vivre of the "Köllen" make this city likeable like none other. Visitors can enjoy a "Kölsch" in the rustic breweries that are scattered all over the city and Cologne certainly lives up to its name as the stronghold of the German Carnival. They drink, celebrate, give "Bützchen" (kisses) and differences no longer matter. "Et es, wie et es." (It is as it is) .


Renowned the world over for Oktoberfest, Munich is also a beautiful, romantic city. With its many historical buildings, the Hofbräuhaus and the English Garden Munich provides an exceptional quality of life. In many traditional beer gardens, which are distributed throughout the state capital, it is easy to leave all your stresses behind and enjoy life to the fullest. Due to it's proximity to the Alps, Munich does not only appeal to historically and culturally oriented people, but those who appreciate its diverse landscape.

Other Destinations Connecting services are available to Eurolines customers with Deutsche Touring to other interesting German cities including Heidelberg, Mannheim, Darmstadt, Frankfurt am Main, Kassel, Göttingen, Hannover, Hamburg.



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