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When you're thinking of travelling to Italy from around Europe, nothing is easier than Eurolines. Departing from over 500 towns with direct lines from 18 European countries, and reaching more than 100 towns in Italy.

Italy provides a staggering 50% of the artistic heritage in the world! 100000 monuments, 40000 villas, 2500 museums, 2500 archaeological sites, and more than 1000 theaters; and more..

Italy is the ideal destination for a beach holiday, with 8000 Km of beaches on 5 different seas; it is the country of peaks, from the Alps down to the Appennini until the 3350 metres of the Etna volcano in Sicily. It also boasts exciting nightlife, Spa experiences, Study, good food, sports, spirituality and culture.


You'll never feel you've seen it all on a visit to the 'town of Emperors'. The choice of experiences are endless: The Vatican City, The Cathedral San Paolo Fuori le Mura, the Mouth of truth, Campidoglio, Campo de' Fiori, Circo Massimo, Colosseo, Fontana di Trevi, I Fori, the Galleria Borghese, the Vatican Museums and the Cappella sistina, the Pantheon, the Garden of Oranges, Piazza Navona, and more: the Christian itineraries, the Caracalla Spa, the Olympic Village, the Auditorium, a variety of local markets. You just have to go and see it all!


This town, which needs no introduction, is the only one in the world that is still free of cars and trucks. It is a superb city that must be seen at least once in a lifetime. Walk along its narrow lanes, or travel by boat or take a Gondola trip along its multitude of channels. Venice's romanticism and wonders will captivate you and remain in your heart for the rest of your life.


Visiting Florence doesn't require any detailed planning: it'll be as if you're in the middle of a museum, every corner contains history, art, culture. In Santa Maria del Fiore with the Battistero and the Campanile di Giotto you'll breathe in the religious heart of this Renaissance town, while in the Palazzo Vecchio, with the Loggia dei Lanzi, and the Piazza della Signoria, the political side comes out. At night the Ponte Vecchio, the Piazzale Michelangelo, the Santa Croce church, become exciting meeting points. You'll leave this town knowing that the much remains to be seen, and that you want to come back.

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Eurolines reaches some dozens of Italian towns and, with the connections made available by the Baltour domestic network, the Eurolines customer has the possibility to reach hundreds of small Italian villages.



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