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From mild Skåne to Kiruna above the Arctic Circle, Sweden is the home of ABBA and Pippi, beautiful landscapes and friendly, happy people, who are not content with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Smaland, the home of Astrid Lindgren and many of her immortal characters, still looks exactly the way it was painted in the books about Bullerby, Lönneberga Saltkråkan.

Magically there are even some more built up areas including the cities of Gothenburg and Malmo.


The capital of Sweden impresses every time with its numerous sights. One can enjoy a seemingly endless view over the entire city from the Aquaria Vattenmuseum. The majestic palace of the royal family as well as the town hall of the city of Stockholm are also worth more than just one look.

The city is enclosed by thousands of skerries and lakes like a labyrinth. Nights seem to be endless during the summer since it never gets really dark.

In contrast, the sun can only be seen very rarely during the winter months. So the Swedes have sought sufficient distraction. Time just flies in the numerous shopping centres, cafés and museums and there is always some entertainment during the evening. The great selection of nightclubs and discos ensure no one is ever stuck for something to do.

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